TVR Griffith comeback 2019

Thursday, October 19th 2017. | TVR

The new Griffith remains true to the brand’s rich legacy, while using cutting-edge technology. The exterior was designed to be as striking as it’s aerodynamically efficient. The classic sports car shape is highlighted with profound air intakes, producing high levels of downforce and cooling system.2019 TVR Griffith Front

Embodying TVR’s longstanding ethos of the Sprit of Driving – the principle of producing the between driving port at which the motorist will always be completely in control – that the newest Griffith uses smart engineering over electronic driver aids. Just the 2nd front-engined production car to feature a level floor, the new TVR Griffith boasts a whole ground-effect aerodynamic package to be certain that the car stays stable at high rates and provides exceptional handling capabilities. 2019 TVR Griffith comeback


The advanced manufacturing process not only ensures that the Griffith stays lightweight, in addition, it delivers exceptional torsional rigidity. Losing weight is removed outside, not simply improving dynamics and performance, but also improving element durability. The iStreamĀ® construction of this new TVR Griffith is assembled with carbon composite bonded to aluminium and steel, clad in carbon composite bodywork. In case of an effect, force is steered through front and rear crash structures, ensuring that the chassis stays intact and minimising harm to the bodywork.


Deep air intakes incorporated into the front valance not just offer optimal brake coolingsystem, but create extra downforce for front end stability. Meanwhile, the front light clusters are somewhat reminiscent of past TVR Griffiths. Front wings which are sculpted to match the shapes of the front wheel direct the eye down the svelte waistline of the vehicle, emphasized by means of a geometric air port and dual side exit exhausts. The reduced, swooping roofline leads to aerodynamic performance and stations air to the vehicle’s sculpted back, which can be completed using a concave LED light gathering and incorporated rear diffuser. 2019 TVR Griffith comeback

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While only a two-seat sports car, it gives ample head space and cabin space, in addition to more than sufficient luggage and storage area. The inside is unquestionably driver-orientated, using a tool pod casing a bespoke tool cluster, which attracts all principal controls in easy reach. The automobile’s infotainment system, especially made for TVR, is centrally situated in a portrait format.


The pleasure of driving a TVR has always centred to a profound link between machine and man. The newest TVR Griffith continues that heritage, along with the powertrain setup is a very important part of this. At the growth of the new automobile, it was critical that the automobile’s power unit remain true to the brand’s rich legacy, while being completely trustworthy and reliable, with practical servicing intervals and sticking to the strict emissions control criteria. 2019 TVR Griffith comeback

The Griffith comes with a 5.0-litre naturally aspirated Cosworth-enhanced V8, to additional improve functionality, without undermining the foundation engine’s renowned reliability. Most importantly, the V8 unit’s motor control device was considerably enhanced. This not only raises electricity, but provides a wider selection of power and torque.

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A bespoke lighter flywheel and clutch, using a dry sump system, imply that the motor could be mounted lower and farther back into the chassis, reducing the vehicle’s center of gravity and assisting to attain the ideal 50:50 fore/aft weight reduction. Together with the Cosworth improvements, the motor empowers the TVR Griffith to attain a power-to-weight proportion of 400bhp/tonne. It’s conducive to some six-speed manual Tremec gearbox.

TVR Griffith Launch and Price

TVR will create 500 Griffith Launch Edition versions, together with production beginning in late 2018. The TVR Griffith Launch Edition will be extended in a wide selection of colors, including special Launch Edition colors, in addition to custom paint choices. It’ll be fitted with interlocking Launch Edition brakes measuring 19 inches in diameter in the front and 20 inches in the back. All Launch Edition versions will have a complete leather interior supplied in several of bespoke colours. The TVR Griffith Launch Edition will begin from #90,000, using a few of allocations still offered. TVR Griffith comeback.