2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Specs Review Turbo

Wednesday, October 18th 2017. | Suzuki

The third-generation Swift Sport includes a lower, wider stance, more aggressive styling, along with a torque-to-weight ratio which divides the Swift Sport into real hot hatch land. Produced as a high performance model aimed at comparable offerings from Volkswagen and Ford, the Swift Sport has existed since 2005. The recipe has been pretty much straightforward and revolved largely around a slightly more powerful engine and a couple of chassis tweaks. But this varies with the newest hatchback, which gained much more individual look and even a variety of special capabilities.2018 Suzuki Swift Sport color

The brand new Suzuki Swift Sport rests on the “HEARTECT” system, a new-generation Suzuki platform which provides enhanced basic vehicle performance through light weight and higher rigidity.

An extensive overhaul of the underbody’s arrangement and element design has caused the replacement of this segmented framework of the preceding platform using a constant frame that raises underbody stiffness. The new frame is characterised by a sleek, curving type that effectively disperses energy, improving collision security. In general body rigidity has been further enhanced with a rise in spot welds, improving steering-yaw speed linearity and management.

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Powertrain

It is quite decent for a new-generation automobile, but it’s also considerably off in comparison to what you get together with the Volkswagen Polo GTi and Ford Fiesta ST, each of which deliver nearly 200 horsepower.

Obviously, Suzuki’s claim that the Swift Sport provides hot-hatch performance is not precisely correct. However, with a curb weight of just 970 pound along with a revised suspension system, the Swift Sport is a good alternative should youn’t need to cover Volkswagen or even Ford premiums. The outdated 6-speed manual transmission was improved, with retuned actuating drive providing enhanced shift smoothness and improved driver feedback. 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Specs Review Turbo

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Suspension

Fitting using its own position as Suzuki’s flagship sports version, the innovative management capabilities found in preceding Swift Sport versions are further refined from the new Suzuki Swift Sport, with increased driving equilibrium, optimized roster rigidity, and improved dynamic reaction.


To boost roll equilibrium, the depth of this stabiliser joint bars are improved, using a Teflon seat inserted to the stabiliser bracket. The wheel hub and wheel bearings are made to one unit, along with the diameter between the bearings was enlarged, together leading to a 15 percent growth in camber rigidity during cornering. These improvements offer an additional level of endurance without excessively increasing the spring rate of the springs or the front stabiliser, while keeping supple motion in road-tyre contact.


The rear suspension has been especially made to ensure superior stability even at elevated rates. The trailing arm has been created and developed solely for its brand new Swift Sport to minimise deformation during cornering. The new version’s toe rigidity was improved by 1.4 times in comparison to its predecessor, and camber rigidity is greater by a factor of almost three. The torsional rigidity of the torsion beam was tuned to give optimum roll stiffness. Like its predecessor, the new Suzuki Swift Sport utilizes Monroe┬« back shock absorbers, using a revised valve arrangement and enhanced damping force features for increased control and handling on the street. 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Specs Review Turbo

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Exterior

Native exterior colours are offered for your Swift Sport, such as three brand new colors. The blue and red were introduced together with the new Swift. Ultimately, there is Champion Yellow

Like many sports-trimmed versions, it has a honeycomb mesh and a much more competitive framework. The black horizontal bar that divides the top segment from the one which trickles to the bumper can be unique for this version. The grille is flanked by bigger fog lamp housings, while the splitter below adds a little aggressiveness into the bumper. The latter is produced from a plastic which imitates carbon-fiber at a really accurate way. 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Specs Review Turbo

The Swift’s profile is already attractive to look at in standard guise, however, the imitation carbon skirts along with the bespoke, thin-spoke 17-inch wheels further improve the muscle beltline and the roofing which “floats” on blacked-out pillars. Around back, there is a fresh diffuser-like component made of exactly the exact same imitation carbon and a set of big exhaust pipes.

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Interior

The inside does not stand out as far as the outside, but it is not surprising that the design is equal to that in the normal version. Luckily, Suzuki did include a few additional features, therefore it is safe to say that the Sport’s cottage is quite unique. The instrument cluster also includes red accents, particularly in the rev counter estimate. And talking of this, the Swift Sport includes fresh increase and oil temperature indicators.The wheel is in fact more of a gentle D silhouette, so it is not overly competitive, but it provides some sportiness into the cottage, while the normal leather sets it closer to the contest. 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Specs Review Turbo

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Price

Pricing for the new Swift Sport is not yet accessible, but it is safe to presume that it’s going to be more expensive compared to range-topping SZ5 cut of the typical version, priced from #14,499. It also needs to cost significantly less than the brand new Volkswagen Polo GTI and Ford Fiesta ST, which will be predicted to start from around #19,000 to #20,000. All told, start looking for a decal set about #17,000 to #18,000. 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Turbo Review