2018 Honda Fit Manual Sport Powertrain Review

Friday, October 27th 2017. | Honda

2018 Honda Fit Manual Sport Powertrain Review: Contemplating our high esteem for its first two decades of the Honda Fit–and also the way bummed we had been that the third-gen automobile was not as enjoyable to drive–we had been excited to sample this updated-for-2018 Sport version that slots in over the base LX and beneath the EX and EX-L trims. The Sport designation has us recalling fondly the attractive chassis dynamics which landed the first two generations of the pint-size hatchback on our 10Best Cars lists, a differentiation that the post-2015 iteration has failed to attain.Honda Fit Sport 2018

Honda Fit Review

That is not to mention the Fit Sport does not contain any performance-improving alterations. It will, however they are shared with the rest of the lineup: All 2018 Fits benefit from a stiffer structure because of further afield, and Honda has tweaked the suspension and steering in an effort to exude a sportier personality. The engine stays a naturally-occurring 1.5-liter inline-four churning out 130 horsepower when compared with the six-speed manual transmission, as it had been in our test car.

Unsurprisingly, then, the 2018 Fit’s performance on the test monitor differed only minutely in the previous manual-transmission version we analyzed. Only at 8.2 seconds, its own zero-to-60-mph period was 0.2 second slower than the previous car, its own 70-mph-to-zero braking space of 179 ft was one foot more, and it pulled 0.81 gram round the skidpad, besting the 2015 version by only 0.02 g. The Honda’s handling qualities are lively, and also the Fit can be chucked into many corners using a bit more confidence than previously.

The temptations of the Fit’s manual shifter are satisfyingly brief, however, the lever itself is mounted too low for simple usage and its moves are not as sharp as in before Fits. The clutch pedal’s takeup stage is not clear, either, which makes the car difficult to drive easily. 2018 Honda Fit Manual Sport Powertrain ReviewHonda Fit Sport interior 2018

Honda Fit Specs

For 2018, Honda’s engineers wrapped in more sound-deadening material across the vehicle and additional thicker glass for the windshield and front side windows, so asserting interior sound was reduced. Our sound-testing gear enrolled 71 decibels in a 70-mph cruise, two greater compared to previous stick-shift version we analyzed and two lower compared to our 2015 long-term evaluation auto. No matter when driving at highway speeds the motor spins in a top 3500 rpm, making a buzzing annoyance through the cottage which may grow wearying on extended excursions.

Despite its comparatively high flying rpm, this evaluation auto delivered an astounding 41 mpg on our 75-mph street fuel-economy evaluation, besting that the EPA’s highway quote by 5 mpg. The Fit is effective even with our hefty feet on the pedals, also, providing a 27-mpg general outcome. Imagine what it might do with a taller sixth equipment.

The humble but lasting cottage is jazzed up with black fabric seats with orange stitching at the Fit Sport, and its simple controls and tools are simple and intuitive to use. Individuals over six-feet tall might discover the driving position dense since the chair traveling is abbreviated, but rear-seat passengers have been supplied more legroom than in competitions like the Ford Fiesta and the Kia Rio.

The Fit’s claim to fame stays its amazing practicality. The back seat–that Honda calls the Magic Seat–may be reconfigured easily to haul bulky things and attributes seat bottoms which turn up to make a split cargo area or turn down to help make an entirely horizontal, quite low load ground. 2018 Honda Fit Manual Sport Powertrain Review

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Honda Fit Cost and Features

The Sport comes with a $1310 cost increase within the base LX model but also brings a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment platform (up from 5.0 from the bottom car) using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 180-watt six-speaker stereo, another USB port, fog lamps, along with the above exterior styling pieces. Aside from the efforts to update the chassis and decrease sound, this mid-cycle upgrade also contains the much valued return of a genuine volume knob to the sound system, substituting the fussy capacitive-touch slider which so annoyed us throughout that 40,000-mile long-term evaluation.Honda Fit Sport manual 2018

Besides official aftermarket accessories like all-weather flooring mats, cargo nets, and also a set of wheel choices, the $18,375 Fit Sport using the manual transmission is an mono-spec vehicle. That makes purchasing one simple: Just select from among eight exterior colours. 2018 Honda Fit Manual Sport Powertrain Review